Case Study: Mr. Griffin

“The program showed me all the ins and outs of mortgages and I became much more confident about buying a home."


Mr. Griffin and his fiancé, first time home-buyers in Washington DC, had many concerns about finding a home. Through the advice of friends he discovered a fair and safe mortgage provider. For 2 years he and his fiancé faithfully attended monthly meetings and joined a program that enabled them to save money every month. Throughout these meetings, the couple was able to talk to hard-to-reach mortgage lenders and other mortgage experts. “I’ve never been put in a predicament to ask about a loan or anything of that nature. I would ask a lot of questions because I was scared. I didn’t know what to expect. But the program showed me all the ins and outs of mortgages and I became much more confident about buying a home.

While Mr. Griffin was in the program, he managed to befriend many housing counselors. He was finally set up with a loan. After two years he was able to buy the condominium that he and his fiancé had dreamed about. “I’m very grateful. It wasn’t just some people that you meet and go through a process with. I made a lot of friends. They really prepared us, especially when things came up about predatory lending.” Unfortunately, due to an illness, Mr. Griffin’s fiancé did not live to see the place that they had worked so hard together to finance and buy. Despite the tragic loss, Mr. Griffin is still very happy about the help he received. “I’m here and I’m very happy. I’m still very grateful to the organization I was introduced to. Thank you.”

Our goal is to help consumers navigate the mortgage world and find Fair and Safe home loans. We are working with nonprofit advocates, foundations, intermediaries and lenders such as credit unions and CDFIs to educate and help consumers better understand their lending options to avoid predatory loans and access affordable Fair and Safe loans available in their communities.
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