Getting Your Fair Mortgage

The Fair Mortgage Collaborative is a non-profit educational, research and consumer information organization.  Our mission is to educate consumers about predatory lending practices, help them avoid predatory lenders and brokers, and enable them to obtain safe, fairly priced loans.

The Fair Mortgage Collaborative has created educational materials about many issues related to mortgage lending, including how to find a fair loan how to identify and aviod predatory loans, whether you should use a broker and how to find one, and how to obtain good credit counseling services.  All of these materials are available on this site.  Check back often—the mortgage lending field changes rapidly and we are continually updating the site to provide you with new relevant information about the most recent trends in the field.

There are five major questions that cone to mind when thinking about obtaining a mortgage loan:

On this website we will provide you with basic information and point you to websites that go deeply into answering the questions that you may have.  The purpose of this website is to help take the fear and unknown out of getting a mortgageloan and help you become a successful homeowner.   We have provided links to trusted websites on various topics. To view the additional information on those topics, just click on the link to go to the articles and PDFs (they will launch in a new browser window).

We recommend reading this information in the order it is presented, and you also will find navigation to the right side of every page that will allow you to jump to any topic within the main topic you are currently viewing.

Please feel free to contact us by email if you should need additional information and to provide feedback on the items contained in this informational website.

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Our goal is to help consumers navigate the mortgage world and find Fair and Safe home loans. We are working with nonprofit advocates, foundations, intermediaries and lenders such as credit unions and CDFIs to educate and help consumers better understand their lending options to avoid predatory loans and access affordable Fair and Safe loans available in their communities.
We are here to help.